2008, Cilt 15, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 026-040
Students' Views on Clinical Practice of Fundamentals of Nursing Course
Seyhan DEMİR KARABULUT1, Prof.Dr. M. Filiz ULUSOY2
1Educational Nurse in Atatürk Education and Research Hospital
2Hacettepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing
Keywords: Nursing education, fundamentals of nursing course, clinical practice, nursing students

This study was conducted to investigate the views of nursing students on clinical practice of fundamentals of nursing course.

The research was descriptive and cross-sectional. The population comprised the first year students during the educational-teaching year of 2003-2004 at nursing schools of state universities located in a populated city of Turkey. There were 239 students in the population and this study included the whole population. Data were collected through questionnaires. Data were analyzed by computer software after being grouped. Percentages were computed and chi-squares were applied on relevant data.

Sixty percent of nursing students' views were positive. This result was similar to the relevant literature. However, their views differed significantly according to the nursing schools they were enrolled (p<0.05). The cause of this difference was identified as the numbers of academic staff employed at the schools.

The recommendations are to increase the number of academic staff and to emphasize on how to implement the optimal clinical practice of this course by the academic staff.