2021, Cilt 8, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 093-100
Supportive Care Needs of Elderly Cancer Patients: Do Needs Get Older Too?
1Arş. Gör., Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Hemşirelik Fakültesi, Psikiyatri Hemşireliği A. D., Ankara, Türkiye
2Dr. Öğr. Üyesi, Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Hemşirelik Fakültesi, Psikiyatri Hemşireliği A. D., Ankara, Türkiye
Keywords: Cancer care facilities, health services needs and demands, health services for the elderly, needs assessment

The aging process involves physical, psychological, and social changes. The elderly, who have to adapt to psychosocial problems brought by the aging process, can get into difficult life with the addition of cancer to the process. The unique and complex needs of elderly cancer patients may arise in this process, which has turned into a difficult struggle for both the elderly cancer patient and their relatives. The concept of "supportive care", which takes a great place in patients' care, gains importance in meeting these needs. Supportive care aims to provide holistic care by centering the patient and the family. Thus, the physical comfort and functionality of cancer patients, as well as their social, cognitive, economic, psychological, and spiritual well-being are increased. Supportive care is in a tight relationship with the adaptation process, care satisfaction, and quality of life. Supportive care needs, including the dimensions of healthcare and communication, daily life activities, sexual and psychological, may vary with the medical service and individual and cultural features. This special group with multi-dimensional, unique, and complex needs will receive the care they need if the nurses who provide care adopt systematic and evidence-based approaches and approach the patient and his/her family with a collaborative attitude. This review aims to examine the supportive care needs of elderly cancer patients and bring a text to Turkish literature that healthcare providers can use to recognize and address the unmet care needs of elderly cancer patients.