2006, Cilt 13, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 023-031
Cigarette Smoking Characteristics of Patients on a Psychiatric Ward
Öğr. Gör. Mehtap KIZILKAYA1, Prof. Dr. Fatma ÖZ2
1Pamukkale Üniversitesi Denizli Sağlık Yüksekokulu Öğretim Görevlisi
2Hacettepe Üniversitesi Hemşirelik Yüksekokulu Psikiyatri Hemşireliği Anabilim Dalı Başkanı
Keywords: Psychiatry clinic, psychiatric inpatient, smoking, ineffective coping method

This research was conducted as a descriptive study to determine the cigarette smoking characteristics of patients on a psychiatric ward. The sample included a total of 90 patients who were admitted to the ward for psychotic and emotional states, anxiety and substance abuse disorders. The data were collected using a questionnaire prepared by the researchers based on information in the literature. Percentage, chi square and kruskall wallis tests were used in the evaluation of the data. In the research results it was determined that friends had the greatest effect on their starting smoking and that after they were admitted to the hospital they increased the number of cigarettes they smoked. Reason for this increase was indicated as not passing the time well in the clinic, and improvement of social activities was suggested as a solution of this problem. It was seen that the patients most commonly smoked a cigarette when they drank tea, coffee or alcohol, after meals, or when they were angry. It is recommended that nurses observe the cigarette smoking status of their patients, that patients be taught positive methods of coping with their problems, and that education and counseling be given about cigarette smoking and stopping smoking.