2017, Cilt 4, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 049-061
Nursing Care According to Functional Health Patterns in Chronic Renal Failure: A Case Report
Hilal UYSAL1, Ceren KARATAŞ2
1İstanbul Üniversitesi Florence Nightingale Hemşirelik Fakültesi, İç Hastalıkları Hemşireliği AD, İstanbul, Türkiye
2İstanbul Üniversitesi Florence Nightingale Hemşirelik Fakültesi, İstanbul, Türkiye
Keywords: Chronic renal failure, functional health patterns, nursing care, nursing diagnosis

Chronic renal failure is defined as the consequent reduction in glomerular filtration value, the adjustment of the fluid-solute balance of the kidney, and the chronic and progressive deterioration of metabolic-endocrine functions. The aims of nursing care in chronic renal insufficiency; to reduce the indications, to provide adequate and balanced nutrient intake, to evaluate the effects of pharmacological treatment, to increase exercise tolerance, to prevent complications related to chronic renal failure and patient / family education.

The patient who was referred to emergency department due to complaints of high fever and vomiting, she was followed up in intensive care unit and then was hospitalized in emergency department. Between the dates of December 2016, 5-8, Gordon’s functional health patterns model in nursing care assessed in accordance with S.Ş., “ineffective breathing pattern; decreased cardiac output; acute pain; excess fluid volume; ineffective health management,; Risk for infection; risk for falls; impaired skin integrity; activity intolerance;, imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements; impaired oral mucous membrane; impaired swallowing; disturbed sleep pattern” were identified nursing diagnoses and nursing interventions for this diagnosis were performed and the results were evaluated.