2010, Cilt 17, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 033-046
Opinions of Patients on Physical Environmental Features of Intensive Care Units
Bil. Uzm. Hemş. Güzin Yasemin TUNÇAY, Doç. Dr. Hülya UÇAR
Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi Hemşirelik Bölümü, Ankara, Türkiye
Keywords: Intensive carse unit, nursing, patient environment

The features of the physical environment at intensive care unit may cause to stress, and patients may experience problems such as sensual variations, sleep deprivation, and disorientations to time and place. Identification of the physical environment features causing discomfort in patients is essential for preventing such problems. This study was carried out descriptively to identify the opinions of patients about the physical environment features of the intensive care unit. The population of this study consisted 603 patients hospitalized at coronary, general surgery and internal medicine wards of a University Adults Hospital, and sampling included 154 patients hospitalized at least three days at intensive care units, who were able to communicate, and whose health status was relatively stabil. Out of this sample, interviews could be conducted with 106 patients. Thus, the response rate was 68,8%. The results indicated that 37,7% of patients had sleep deprivations, 18,9% had difficulties in distinguishing between day and night times. With regard to the physical environment features, 69,8% of patients grieved from being bed-ridden in the intensive care unit, 62,3% was suffering from the lack of leisure time activity materials such as TV's, radios and etc, and 35.8% had feelings of discomfort because of limited access to visitors, 34,0% for testifying other patients' suffering in pain and having their conditions getting worse, gradually over time and finally a 32,1% was uncomfortable for being at an alien environment. The study highlighted that patients hospitalized in general surgery and internal medicine intensive care units and patients with severe health problems felt more discomfort from the physical environment features.